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AMDG is proud to be a CertainTeed Shinglemaster contractor and work with the CertainTeed line of products. We carry a wide array of CertainTeed roofing products, with the kind of quality that homeowners and contractors both trust! As one of America’s premier manufacturers of building materials, CertainTeed has built a legacy of creating exceptional products that are renowned for both their functionality, but also their aesthetic appeal.

CertainTeed is one of America’s premier building material manufacturers! Here’s Why:

  • Contractors have trusted CertainTeed”s quality building materials for over 100 years, which has made CertainTeed one of the most prominent manufacturers of interior and exterior contracting materials.
  • One of the best warranties in the industry, with a 20 year minimum warranty,  with special warranties for ShingleMaster contractors like AMDG.
  • Rated to handle winds of up to 110 mph, and 130 mph with a more intensive installation process.
  • Class A Fire-Resistant
  • Fiber-glass reinforced asphalt shingles built with 4 or 5 fused and laminated layers.
  • One of the best style selections in the industry, with many colors and lines of shingles to choose from.
  • High average weight, which leads to less cracking, and wind damage.
  • Recognized by contractors and homeowners alike as the leader in high-end shingle manufacturing.

CertainTeed Asphalt Shingle Gallery: