9 Things to Know When Getting Your Roof Replaced

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May 25, 2018
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June 27, 2018

AMDG Exterior Contracting is committed to working closely with our customers in making your renovation project run as smoothly as possible. It is important that you are fully aware of any preparations and potential hazards associated with your roof replacement. Below we have listed the top 9 things you need to know while getting your roof replaced:

1. Total roof replacement is one of the largest and most important renovations a building owner will undertake during the course of owning a property. AMDG is a leader in commercial roof replacements and knows how to properly complete the job from start to finish.Many properties have more than 1 layer of roofing and need the existing roof removed, it is important to note that tons of debris will need to be removed and hauled away. AMDG ensures that we will take every necessary precaution to protect the outside of the property.

2. Please remove all non-stationary items from the landscaping and against the building. If there are heavy items that you cannot move, AMDG will move those items or protect them with plywood.

3. The building owner is responsible for protecting the inside of the property, attic or crawl space. If you have an unfinished or open rafter attic you may want to remove or cover all valuables. If your attic is finished or inaccessible you need not worry about this.

4. Cutting the grass before the project begins will help with the overall cleanup. Hundreds, if not thousands of nails will be removed from your roof and shorter grass allows our large, portable magnet to work more effectively in cleaning up the nails. You will want to discuss any specific lawn care issues with the superintendent or job-site foreman prior to the start of the project. Also, it is advisable to withhold all seasonal plantings and hardscaping until after the construction has been completed.

5. Please keep in mind that the noise levels are elevated during the construction and you may want to schedule meetings and sensitive projects around the construction.

6. If you have outdoor electricity please make sure it is on and working. If there is no outdoor electricity we will need to make arrangements to bring a generator or use electricity from an alternative source.

7. Secondary to electricity is water. If you have an outdoor water supply please remember to turn it on. This helps with cleanup and various other tasks.

8. Construction can cause added noise and disruptions. Please warn any adjoining neighbors about impending noise and increased traffic.

9. And finally, the project is never fully complete until the end of the job. If something does not look right to you, or looks incomplete, it probably is. The superintendent or job-site foreman will do a complete walk around with you on the last day of the project to go over the job from start to finish.

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