Four Signs Your Windows Need To Be Replaced

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Old Chipped Windows

While windows tend to last for a couple of decades, eventually you will need to replace them to ensure that your home continues to operate efficiently.  However, if your windows appear to be in working condition, you may be wondering why you would need to replace them.  However, sometimes the signs can be more subtle, and this guide will help you learn what to look out for.


The most obvious sign that you need to replace your windows is when you begin to feel drafts around your windows.  While drafts can potentially be fixed by installing weatherstripping, sometimes that won’t fix the issue.  Drafty windows can significantly increase your heating and AC bills, so it is important to address drafts when you find them.  Oftentimes, replacing your windows is the easiest way to fix the issue, and the cost of installation will at least partially offset by the savings on your bills.

Water Damage

Another issue your windows may have that won’t be as obvious as a draft is water damage.  If your window seals aren’t working properly, you could end up having some moisture seep into your window frames which can cause your frames to rot.  Additionally, if your window frames begin to rot, it could also end up seeping into the frame of your home where it could cause significant damage and lead to expensive repairs.  If you notice even a small amount of rot damage around your windows, be sure to have it assessed by a exterior remodeling professional like AMDG.

Noise Pollution

If you find that you are hearing a lot of outside noise even when your windows are closed, you should consider replacing them.  Older windows tend to have thin panes of glass, or even a single pane rather than double, which can lead to noise pollution from the street.  If you find yourself unable to sleep at night from the noise of traffic driving by your home, replacing your windows could make a big difference.


While this issue isn’t as pressing as the previous ones, if you notice that your windows have some chipped paint or edges, you should also consider replacing them, especially if you plan on selling the home in the near future. Windows add a significant amount of curb appeal to your home, and having damaged windows could be hurting your homes value.  Replacing your windows has a high re-sale value, meaning if you replace them, you can except to recoup roughly 50-80% of their value when you sell your home.

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