Roofing Mistakes That Inexperienced Contractors Make

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Installing a roof is a complicated process, with a lot of minor details that need to be kept track of to ensure your roof is installed correctly. While some contractors will assure you that they know about all of correct installation procedures, it can be hard to know who you can trust to install your roof properly. Here are a few mistakes that inexperienced roofers will make:

Lack of Drip Edge

The first thing an inexperienced roofer may forget is the drip edge.  Installed at the edge of your roof underneath your shingles, your drip edge is a small metal lip that water can drip off of, instead of dripping down your fascia board or into the edge of your roof deck where it could cause water damage to your home.

No Starter Shingles

Another mistake that inexperienced roofers often make is forgetting to install starter shingles.  Starter shingles, like drip edges, are installed at the edge of your roof.  They come fitted with extra adhesive that protects your shingles from blowing off of your roof during extreme weather.  If your contractor neglects to install starter shingles along the edge of your roof, you may find that your roof lifts along the edges during particularly windy weather, which could obviously cause issues for your home.

Forgetting Leak Barrier

The next thing an inexperienced roofer may forget is a leak barrier.  Installed underneath your shingles, your leak barrier’s function is just as it sounds; prevent leaks.  It is generally installed at least 6 feet up your roof from the edges, in case you end up getting ice dams and need to keep moisture from permeating through your roof deck. If your roofer forgets to install a leak barrier underneath your shingles, you could end up with rot in your roof deck, which could also cause your shingles to sag.

Missing/Improper Flashing

Another essential piece of the roof installation process is flashing around any openings in the roof.  Whether its a vent, skylight, or chimney, flashing is a necessary part of the roof installation process.  If you do not flash around the openings in your roof, you will very likely see water damage around them all, which could end up damaging the roof deck or frame of your home as well.

Incorrect Nailing

Finally, the last thing an inexperienced roofer will do is incorrectly nail your shingles into place. Installing asphalt shingles correctly requires a system to be followed, and whether your contractor uses too many nails, too few, or over/under drives the nails into the roof deck, there are plenty of mistakes that can be made if the system isn’t followed correctly.

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