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Providing professional roofing services in the Bryn Mawr area is our specialty.  Since 2005, AMDG Exterior Contracting has provided local homeowners with roofing expertise and exceptional customer service.  We’ve earned an impressive reputation in both residential and commercial roofing services.  Our roofing services include inspections, recommendations, repairs, re-roofing, and replacements.  In Bryn Mawr, look no further for dependable and trustworthy roofing services.

Roofing Services in Bryn Mawr, PA

AMDG Exterior Contracting offers full-service roofing services to meet your roofing needs, in and around Bryn Mawr and Delaware County.   We provide a full range of roofing services for all of our clients and we guarantee our workmanship.

Time for a new roof?  We’re proud to serve Pennsylvania residential clients with premium roofing services.  Whether you need a repair, replacement or new install, we will make sure the job is done right and on time.   Our shingle brands are from industry-leading brands, such as Certain Teed, GAF, and TAMKO.   We’re also experienced with all kinds of commercial roofing and structures.  If your business or commercial property needs its roof repaired, replaced, or installed, we’re the roofing contractor to call.   AMDG Exterior Contracting is the most reliable, responsive, and professional roofing services contractor in Delaware County.


Your roof is the most important feature of your home.  In Pennsylvania’s harsh seasonal elements, your roof is your main source of protection. Your interior is at risk if your roof becomes damaged. Broken or missing shingles, leaks, and other damage compromise the integrity of your home.  To take care of roofing issues as they arise, contact AMDG Exterior Contracting.  We can take care of your roof installation or repair needs in the Bryn Mawr area right away.

We have valued experience in all types of residential roofing and can help you choose the best product for your home.   Our experts will complete your project with care and affordability.  Call us today at (484)453-8412 or contact us today or request a quote.

Roofing Services

At AMDG Exterior Contracting, we know the importance of a quality roof.  Our professional service, quality installation, and friendly service is unmatched in and around Bryn Mawr.  We’ve earned a solid reputation as a trusted, local, award-winning roofing contractor.  A safe, protective, and beautiful roof is a phone call away.  We can offer affordable options with lasting benefits that will enhance your home’s curb appeal.

When we complete a roofing project, we deliver the highest quality workmanship no matter the size of the job.  Replacing a roof is a big deal and we want to make it as simple as possible for the homeowner.  At AMDG Exterior Contracting, we will furnish and affordable, effective solution for your roofing concerns.


Not all roofing defects require the installation of a totally new roof.  You may have concerns that areas of your roof are worn-out, but if the roof is still in good shape it may not be necessary to fully replace it.  Re-roofing, the process of recovering an existing roof, could be a potential solution for your home.   Roofing failures caused by storm damage, age-related wear, and other external damage can leave your present roof vulnerable to leaks.  Reinforcing your current system by covering old or worn-out shingles is possible with re-roofing.  A strong, protective layer and a refreshing appearance results.  Re-roofing involves adding new materials on top of your existing roof which will help reinforce the entire system by covering old, worn-out shingles with new ones.  This provides a strong, protective layer as well as refreshing the roof’s appearance.  Re-roofing is an option to explore if you have one layer of shingles on your current roof.

Re-roofing can be a fast and affordable solution to restore the look and performance of your roof.  Re-roofing is a great option if your existing roof shows no underlying damage or missing shingles.  It is important to note that roofs with more than one layer of shingles, has been re-roofed previously, is missing shingles, or shows underlying damage are not eligible for re-roofing.  Our skilled technicians will complete a thorough inspection of your roof to find out if re-roofing is a viable option.

Roofing Repairs

Regardless of the quality of materials or craftsmanship, all roofs need to be repaired eventually.  Because roofs are constantly exposed to the elements, they are susceptible to damage.  You should contact AMDG Exterior Contracting right away if you suspect roof damage or leak.   By repairing your roof as small issues arise, you’ll be able to detect problems before they become major issues, extending the life of your roof and saving yourself money in the long run. 


Our technicians will come to your Bryn Mawr home and inspect your roof and provide you with repair or replacement options.  We showcase affordable, high quality products that work within your budget.  We are happy to work directly with insurance companies or real estate agents, as well as homeowners.  We handle problems quickly so you aren’t left to deal with bigger problems down the road.  Let AMDG Exterior Contracting complete a comprehensive inspection right away.

Any possible roof damage needs to be inspected and repaired by a professional roofing contractor as soon as possible.  Even a small amount of damage, left in disrepair, will lead to serious and permanent issues.  AMDG Exterior Contracting can refresh your home’s appearance and increase your property value while increasing the lifespan of your roof.   These are a few of the most common roofing issues that should not be overlooked:

• Broken shingles due to high winds, hard rain, or hail.
• Damaged or cracked roof vents.
• Worn down or broken flashing.
• Damaged fascia or soffits.
• Leaks or damage around a skylight.
• Condensation in the attic.
• Improperly sealed valleys.
• Ice dams form in the winter.
• Roof is nearing the end of its lifespan based on the type of roofing material.

If you are noticing of the above issues or have other concerns regarding your roof, contact AMDG Exterior Contracting for a total roof inspection.  We have a quick response time and look forward to improving your Bryn Mawr home with high quality, affordable roof repairs or replacement.

Roof Maintenance

Your roof protects so much – do you know if it’s damaged or how much life it has left?  Many homeowners face roofing problems because of lack of general maintenance.  In Bryn Mawr, AMDG Exterior Contracting offers multiple roofing service maintenance plans to fit your needs and budget.  When you take care of your roof, you’ll save money and keep your roof performing to the best of its ability.  We recommend a professional roof inspection to find out the current state of your roof.  Our inspections can detect early stages of damage so you don’t suffer the consequences later.  Annual or semi-annual inspections from a licensed technician provides homeowners with peace-of-mind.

Every roofing system is going to need repairs or replacement eventually.  Maintaining your roofing investment is manageable with a roof maintenance program. When you partner with AMGD Exterior Contracting, you get a full-service solution. We’ll perform a thorough inspection of your rooftop equipment and provide suggestions for repairs, replacements, and other necessary services. We’ll share details about the best maintenance techniques to practice to give you confidence that your roof will last for many years to come.


Roofing Inspections

Typically, an asphalt roof can last around 20 years, but the quality of the installation, how well it is maintained, and whether any damage has occurred makes a big difference in its lifespan.  While a homeowner may be able to get a visual of the condition of the roof, it takes a professional to determine actual damage and if it requires repairs.  AMDG  Exterior Contracting has the expertise to complete a thorough roofing inspection and provide our customers with a professional opinion about the current state and quality of their roof.

An inspection will help ensure a strong and beautiful roof for years to come, regardless of what issues may arise.  Let AMDG Exterior Contracting provide a comprehensive roof inspection to ensure the structural integrity of your roof.  Our residential roofing professionals will identify any areas that need to be repaired or replaced after evaluating all aspects of your roof.  We’ll save you extensive costs and repairs down the road.  Contact AMDG Exterior Contracting to receive a baseline examination of your existing roof condition.  Reach us by phone (484)453-8412 or complete our online contact form.

Roofing Manufacturers

There are many roofing materials available to homeowners.  AMDG Exterior Contracting will explain the pros and cons of various materials and help you select the best option for protection, longevity, beauty, and affordability.

CertainTeed Asphalt Shingles

As a CertainTeed Shinglemaster contractor, AMDG Exterior Contracting is proud to install the CertainTeed line of products. We carry a huge selection of CertainTeed roofing products, with the kind of quality that homeowners and contractors can trust.   CertainTeed is one of America’s premier building materials manufacturers and  has built a legacy of creating exceptional products that are renowned for function and appeal.

GAF Asphalt Shingles

As a trusted GAF Master Elite contractor, AMDG Exterior Contracting has a wide range of materials and products at our disposal. When working with us and GAF, you are in good hands. One of the great things about working with GAF is that they have an amazing combination of beauty, durability, variety, color, and affordability. You are getting really high-quality products that will protect your home for years to come by contractors that do it right!

TAMKO Asphalt Shingles

For more than 75 years, TAMKO Building Products LLC has been a leading independent manufacturer of residential roofing shingles crafted with American pride.  The Heritage shingle series, their most popular shingle,  features the most modern colors on the market.  TAMKO  is a brand name recognized for its rich history, core values of honesty and integrity, and quality products and processes.

Life in Bryn Mawr, PA

Bryn Mawr (from Welsh for “big hill”) is a census-designated place (CDP),located across 3 townships: Radnor Township and Haverford Township, Delaware County, and Lower Merion Township, Montgomery County,  just west of Philadelphia along Lancaster Avenue. Bryn Mawr is located toward the center of what is known as the Main Line, a group of affluent Philadelphia suburban villages stretching from the city limits to Malvern. They became home to sprawling country estates belonging to Philadelphia’s wealthiest families, and over the decades became a bastion of “old money”.

GAF Asphalt Shingles

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CertainTeed Asphalt Shingles

Landmark Driftwood

TAMKO Asphalt Shingles


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I could not have been happier with the level of AMDG’s service and communication. I would recommend them to anybody I know. Brian was great to deal with and the carpenter that he sent out was a great guy. I will use AMDG the next time I need a contractor and would be happy to be used as a reference. - KEN MCFADYEN. HAVERTOWN, PA

Very satisfied with the individual I worked with on my project. He is very professional and responsive to my questions and the follow-up I requested. The work was done according to schedule at what I consider a fair price. We are new to the area and were pleased to find a contractor who performed the project in a timely and professional manner. - SHELDON H,  ARDMORE, PA

AMDG replaced the roof on my house this summer. They did a great job at a fair price. Communication and follow-up were excellent. I recommend them with confidence. -  John B.

I own a chimney company, so I see other contractors' work all of the time. This company consistently does great work, and they're who I use on my house. -  Lou C.

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