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For over fifteen years, AMDG Exterior Contracting has been providing unparalleled expert roofing services to homeowners in Springfield and surrounding areas.  We have proudly earned a top notch reputation in the residential and commercial roofing industry, acquired from our expert roofing services coupled with incredible customer service. We offer all standard roofing services – inspections, repairs, and re-roofing.  In Springfield, PA, we are your dependable and trustworthy roofing contractor.

Roofing Services in Springfield, PA

In and around Springfield and Delaware County, AMDG Exterior Contracting provides a full range of roofing services to meet your roofing needs.  We take care of all roofing services, whether residential or commercial.

Both residential and business customers can select from our many roofing services.  To residential homeowners, we offer inspections, maintenance, repairs, tear-offs, and recovering or re-roofing.  We carry brands like Certain Teed, GAF, or TAMKO asphalt shingles.    For our local business clients, AMDG provides commercial and industrial roofing services.  Our skilled roofing professionals can handle anything from flat roofs to steep roofs, and we guarantee quality work.  In Delaware County AMDG Exterior Contracting is the best choice for reliable roofing services for your business.


When you think about the most important part of your home, your roof should be one of the top elements that comes to mind.  Your roof is your home’s first line of protection against harsh elements.  When your home needs a roofing repair or renovation, it’s crucial to choose a quality roofing company with a proven track record, like AMDG Exterior Contracting.  Since 2005, we are the preferred choice in Springfield and surrounding areas in Pennsylvania.  We don’t take shortcuts in roofing repairs or replacements.  Our excellent, quality workmanship is guaranteed to be matched with honest, friendly customer service.   We’ve received many accolades in our industry.  We’ve earned certification from Certain Teed and Versico roofing systems, GAF Master Elite roofing status, and have scored an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.  Our materials are sourced from top-quality manufactures, such as GAF Materials Corporation.  Our preferred shingle, the GAF Timberline HDZ, is the #1 selling shingle in North America. 

AMDG Exterior Contracting is qualified in many types of residential roofing in the Springfield area.  Selecting the most effective and beautifying roofing product for your home is simple – call us today at (484)453-8412 or contact us to request a quote.

Roofing Services

AMDG ExteriorContracting is your trusted local roofing contractor, providing Springfield with quality roofing, siding and more.  We provide unmatched products, quality installation, and friendly service in the roofing industry.  We are your local award winning contractor and we are looking forward to doing business with you.  With AMDG, you can be sure you’ve chosen the most trusted and professional roofing contractor in the Springfield area.

The repairs necessary for roofing faults and failures cause inconvenient disruptions in your life.  You need to partner with a full-service roofing contract to complete the job right and on-time, and leave the area clean.  Our team is committed to a high level of service from the start of your project through the end of it.  AMDG Exterior Contracting covers all aspects of roofing service – repairs, maintenance, or replacements, and we do it skillfully.  We’ll help you select from several roofing materials, brands, and colors that will provide long lasting protection for your dwelling.


Instead of being completely replaced, aged, outdated, or damaged roofs can sometimes be repaired, restored, or renewed.   This process of recovering an existing roof is called re-roofing.   Age-related disrepair or damage caused by external factors, such as storms, can leave the roof vulnerable to leaks and other causes for concern.   Other factors can also cause roofing system leaks or failure, such as defective materials or poor installation.  A quick and affordable solution to restore the look of your roof is re-roofing.  In the re-roofing process, the worn-out shingles are overlaid with new shingles to refresh the roof’s appearance and create a protective layer.  Everything under the new layer is now covered by a strong barrier,  protecting it from weather damage.  This re-roofing option is possible if you currently only have one layer of shingles on your roof.

If your present roof isn’t missing any shingles and shows no underlying damage, the re-roofing option is a great choice.  However, if your roof has more than one layer of shingles or has been re-roofed in the past, re-roofing is not a viable option.  The expert technicians at AMDG Exterior Contracting will do a complete inspection of your roof to find out if re-roofing is an option for you.


Roofing Repairs

Roof repair can be something that you know you need for a long time or become necessary in an instant.  With so many things that can cause damage to your topside surface, it’s hard to predict when you’ll need a professional roofing contractor.  Whether you have an obvious leak or suspect you have damage, you need to contact AMDG Exterior Contracting right away.  We’ll come to your home and inspect your roof and provide you with feasible options.  We will work with you to find high quality products within your budget.  Because they know AMDG Exterior Contracting provides quality, timely roofing service, we have built a strong reputation working with homeowners, insurance adjusters, and real estate agents.  It is essential to quickly repair any roofing issues to prevent further damage and provide protection for the home and its contents.  Let our experts complete a thorough roof inspection and give you a workable solution.

One of the biggest culprits when it comes to leaks or damage to roofs is severe weather.  Wind and hail can gust under the shingles, peeling them back to expose underlayment.  If a roof problem is ignored, extensive and permanent damage can occur.   Your roof has a lot to deal with – sun, age, nature, storms.  Even small roof damage needs to be inspected and repaired by a professional roofing contractor as soon as possible.    Damaged roofs left unmanaged for any period of time lead to more serious issues, even possible structural damage.  In Springfield, AMDG Exterior Contracting can help you increase your property’s value by refreshing your home’s appeal and increasing the life of your roof.  The affordability of our product comes long after the new roof installation.

As a homeowner, maintaining your roof system is crucial to the integrity of your home.  Having our residential roofing experts inspect your roof to identify any problems and recommend necessary repairs cannot wait.   Contact AMDG Exterior Contracting today to schedule your roof inspection.  We will help you understand whether or not you need roof repairs to preserve your home.  There are many roofing faults that require attention, such as: 

  • Broken, scratched, torn shingles.
  • Cracked or damaged roof vents.
  • Damaged soffits or fascia. 
  • Skylight damage or leaks.
  • Attic condensation.
  • Poorly sealed flashings.
  • Ice dams.
  • Roof age.

If you are noticing any roofing leaks or issues, don’t wait to contact AMDG Exterior Contracting for a complete inspection.  We look forward to improving your Springfield home with high quality, affordable roof repairs.

Roof Maintenance

The best method of extending the life of your roof is to maintain it.  At AMDG Exterior Contracting , we understand that proper maintenance can save money in the long run.  That’s why we offer comprehensive roof maintenance service plans to fit your needs and budget.  In and around Springfield, we recommend a roof inspection to all of our clients to survey the state of their roofs.  We have experienced, licensed technicians available to perform routine roof maintenance to save you from expensive, extensive roof repairs.  We look for the early stages of damage so leaks or failures can be quickly repaired.   We offer regularly scheduled annual or semi-annual inspections to help homeowners protect their roofing investment.

Protecting your original roof investment, which will eventually need repairs as it ages,  is easy when you decide on a roof maintenance program.  AMDG Exterior Contracting provides you with complete roofing solutions.  With our maintenance program, we perform a thorough inspection of your roofing system and provide a report with details of needed roof repairs or other services.  We’ll also give you tips on the best maintenance techniques to practice to keep your roof functioning properly.  If you want assurance that your roof will last for many years to come,  contact us to discuss a roof maintenance contract that suits your needs.You’re receiving a full-service roofing solution when you partner with AMDG as your roofing contractor. 

The intense nature of Pennsylvania’s seasonal weather changes can wreak havoc on your home’s roof.  The first line of protection on your home is your roof, which must endure this drastic weather.  If it fails, you could be looking at major damages inside your home.  Because it is the most vulnerable area of your structure, your roof is battered by wind, rain, ice, snow, debris, and temperature changes which means it will eventually need repairs. AMDG Exterior Contracting can help you prolong the life of your roof with a roofing maintenance program of inspections, scheduled maintenance, and repairs when needed.  When you commit to a proactive approach to protect your property, you’ll save money and increase the longevity of your roof system.   Over time, maintenance costs are quite low when compared to the costs of a new roof.  Call us today to discuss our comprehensive maintenance contract options.

Roofing Inspections

Generally speaking, a properly installed and well-maintained asphalt roof will most likely last around 20 years if it has not sustained any major damage.  Quality installation is crucial to extending the life of the roof and is crucial to enforcing the manufacturer’s warranty.  A comprehensive roof inspection is needed to identify needed repairs, as they may not be visually detected by the homeowner.   AMDG Exterior Contracting has the expertise to perform an inspection and advise the homeowner of appropriate solutions.

In order to enjoy the security of a strong and beautiful roof for years to come, homeowners should have regular inspections.  This allows minor issues and regular wear and tear to be dealt with right away to prevent further, costly damage.  AMDG Exterior Contracting will inspect your roof to ensure its structural integrity.  We will meticulously evaluate your home’s roofing system and identify areas in need of repair or replacement.  If one of our residential roofing professionals detects a minor issue,  it can be repaired immediately and you’ll save expensive costs of more extensive repairs in the future.  Receive a full examination of your present roof condition by contacting AMDG Exterior Contracting today.  Our team of experts can be reached by phone (484)453-8412 or by completing our online contact form.

Roofing Manufacturers

Guiding you in your selection of quality roofing material is one of our strong points.  We have affordable materials that are long lasting, beautiful, and offer exceptional protection.  In Springfield and surrounding areas, we can show you the benefits and downfalls, cost and durability of several materials to help you make the right decision for your home and budget.

CertainTeed Asphalt Shingles

As a Certain Teed Shinglemaster contractor, AMDG Exterior Contracting stocks a large assortment of CertainTeed roofing products.  Certain Teed has quality standards that lead the industry and their dedication to product improvement and manufacturing excellence is unmatched.  They have developed incredible roofing technologies used to build better, safer, and more comfortable homes.  Their products carry the kind of quality that homeowners and contractors both trust.

GAF Asphalt Shingles

GAF Asphalt Shingles are high-quality roofing shingles that are backed by a century of GAF’s experience and expertise. We are a trusted GAF Master Elite Contractor and we can acquire a large range of GAF materials and products.  GAF shingles combine beauty, durability, color and variety with affordability.  With GAF,  you’ll get high-quality products that will protect your home for many years and with AMDG Exterior Contracting, you’ll get a guaranteed, professional installation.

TAMKO Asphalt Shingles

TAMKO Building Products LLC crafts their asphalt shingles with American pride.  They offer the most popular colors on the market backed by a brand name with over 75 years in the roofing industry.  TAMKO’s day-to-day operations are headquartered in the heartland of America and they have a strong history of independence, family, and American manufacturing.

Life in Springfield, PA

Springfield Township, usually referred to Springfield, is located in Delaware County about 10 miles west of Philadelphia. While there are 36 Springfield Townships in the U.S. – and two in Pennsylvania alone! – Springfield, PA is definitely something special. This historic community was founded in 1686 by William Penn and his Quaker settlers and slowly industrialized. The community’s Baltimore Peak was even the busiest commercial area outside Philly for years and became known as The Golden Mile. Today, Springfield, PA is known for its great quality of life, family-friendly amenities, short commute to downtown, and its affluence.

GAF Asphalt Shingles

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CertainTeed Asphalt Shingles

Landmark Driftwood

TAMKO Asphalt Shingles


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I could not have been happier with the level of AMDG’s service and communication. I would recommend them to anybody I know. Brian was great to deal with and the carpenter that he sent out was a great guy. I will use AMDG the next time I need a contractor and would be happy to be used as a reference. - KEN MCFADYEN. HAVERTOWN, PA

Very satisfied with the individual I worked with on my project. He is very professional and responsive to my questions and the follow-up I requested. The work was done according to schedule at what I consider a fair price. We are new to the area and were pleased to find a contractor who performed the project in a timely and professional manner. - SHELDON H,  ARDMORE, PA

AMDG replaced the roof on my house this summer. They did a great job at a fair price. Communication and follow-up were excellent. I recommend them with confidence. -  John B.

I own a chimney company, so I see other contractors' work all of the time. This company consistently does great work, and they're who I use on my house. -  Lou C.

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